Grow Your Cash Based Services with RepeatMD Grow Your Cash Based Services with RepeatMD

Sell More High-Margin
Services with Mobile

We are the modern tool built to grow your practice so
you can focus on what matters most. Your patients.

Increase Revenue

Grow Referrals

Improve Retention

See how we do it

RepeatMD provides each practice with its own mobile rewards app that will occupy the most valuable real estate on the market, your patients' smart phone.

Generating Millions of Cash-Pay Revenue for Practices


Revenue Generated


Referral Revenue


Recovered Revenue

RepeatMD is perfect for

Medical Spas


Plastic Surgeons

Wellness Clinics

Integrative Medicine


Your mission is to transform patients lives
- not stress over marketing.

Schedule a demo today if you can relate to any of these problems:

You are tired of spending money
on patient acquisition.

You don't have an automatic
patient retention solution.

You are looking for other ways to
grow than social media.

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Your staff doesn't have time to upsell
your high-margin treatments.

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You don't have a systematic approach
to new patient referrals.

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High-margin treatments aren't
selling themselves.

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RepeatMD has been the best tool to sell more of our high-margin treatment packages.

This is the exact tool that we all need as business owners to take away the pressure of trying to keep up with that repeat business, getting people back in our office getting those referrals now we really get to focus on exactly what we do best. And that is changing, transforming lives.

Rebecca Pate

Bare Bunny Aesthetics

Rebecca Pate RepeatMD Testimonial
Partners with the Industry's Best

Like Starbucks Rewards, but built for your Aesthetic Practice

We create your practice a mobile app that makes revenue automation easy. Our technology delivers frictionless patient experiences that organically increase referrals and revenue.

Selling memberships & packages will become effortless for your staff & financing will become seamless for your patients.

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Your mobile rewards app designed to
enhance your patient experience

Get the firepower of the biggest brands in the world at a fraction of the cost

Increase Revenue

Average top-line revenue growth in 1 YR is $357,840

Average Client*

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Automate Retention

7 out of 10 patients want ongoing treatments for aesthetic services

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One-Click Referrals

Our average clients increase referrals by 44%

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Offer Rewards

Incentivize your patients to try new services with rewards

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Membership Plans

Members spend 44% more on average than non-members annually

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White-label eCommerce

Patients can buy your services directly from their smarthphone

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Text Message Marketing

97% of texts are read within 15 minutes of delivery

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Patient Financing

100% practice payouts - there's no additional cost to you

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Automated Birthday Program

Be a part of your patient's most important day.

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Transforming patients' lives is your top priority.
Let growing your practice be ours.

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Is your practice recession proof?

We are now offering patient financing through Klarna. This enables patients to pay for their services at the point of clicking purchase instead of delayed finance options.

The Best Patient Financing

100% practice payout - zero additional cost

Highest patient approval rate

Lowest interest rates for your patients

4 payments in 6 weeks, interest-free

6/mo - 24/mo financing rates

Practice gets paid up-front

See how we offer the industry's best patient financing.

Memberships designed to grow your practice

7 out of 10 patients want ongoing memberships for their favorite treatments. Give your patients the ability to buy your memberships right from your app. And create monthly recurring revenue for your practice!

Sales automation
that works for you

Never lose another patient again. We'll increase your patient retention by sending the right message, at the right time.

RepeatMD Einstein Retention
RepeatMD SMS Bubble RepeatMD SMS To Bubble

Hi Ashley! We miss
seeing you, Come in
this week for a
complimentary Myers
Drip IV. Book Here:
Expires 12/15

RepeatMD SMS To Bubble RepeatMD SMS From Bubble

Oh cool! I just booked
my appointment for
that and a massage.

What Aesthetics & Wellness Practices Are Saying About Us

Ben Cilento RpeatMD Testimonial
RepeatMD Quote

RepeatMD is solving the unmet needs for the Aesthetics Industry

RepeatMD brings the solution that we need as practice owners to deliver the very best of patient care to our patients in the Aesthetics Industry!

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We were paying thousands a month on Google Ads and we weren't getting the results we were hoping for. RepeatMD doubled our referrals in the first month! We got our goal of NEW PATIENTS!

Deni Lathrop RepeatMD Testimonial
RepeatMD Quote

RepeatMD has enabled us to scale our Med Spa to multiple locations.

The team at RepeatMD makes it so unbelievably simple to quickly execute updates and new marketing strategies, despite our busy schedule. They are really hands-on, they implement any changes we need, and we meet regularly to review our strategy…

RepeatMD Quote

Since signing up with RepeatMD it’s made us MONEY and saved us TIME. Literally in two months of being with them we’ve gotten 82 new referrals in the door.

Kami Owen RpeeatMD Testimonial
RepeatMD Quote

We were lacking a way to connect ourselves with our patients. RepeatMD created the way for us to make that happen! It's benefited every aspect of our practice.

Kami Owen RpeeatMD Testimonial
RepeatMD Quote

It saves my practice so much time!

The Artificial intelligence automatically invites our clients back when they haven't been back in 30, 60, or 90 days. We want our clients to come back, that's why we use RepeatMD!

Sell More High-Margin Services in 3 easy steps


We get to know your practice

We'll learn what services you'd like to sell more of.


We build your mobile rewards solution

Your practice will have its own “Starbucks Rewards” style app.

Grow Your Cash Based Services with RepeatMD


You'll sell more high-margin services

Your patients buy right from your app, and get rewards!

Cambrie Williams RepeatMD Testimonial RepeatMD Video Icon

Increase your
referrals by 44%

We make it easy to turn your raving fans into
your best marketers. Watch the video to see
how we grew Cambrie Williams practice
by making referrals easy.

Join hundreds of practices that have grown using RepeatMD.

RepeatMD has built a revenue automation technology that delivers frictionless patient experiences while increasing referrals, retention, and revenue for your practice.